Mark Cuban says American households need $1,000 bi-weekly stimulus checks for two months


“The whole goal is to get that money every two weeks into the economy. Once businesses start having demand, even if they’re closed and working online, then there is a reason for them to be able to bring back employees and retain those employees if demand is sustained,” he explained.

Mark Cuban’s idea of “use it or lose it” stimulus program will not work

Chuck Marr, the senior director of federal tax policy at the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, commented that Cuban sees the “urgency of the situation” and his proposal is “good” and it would be more effective if the stimulus will be given those who are really in need.

“What’s good about and what’s important is, he [referring to Cuban] reflects the urgency of the situation. But, I think you target money first for people that are hurting. People who are hurting and don’t have other income, they’re going to spend. I think if you did stimulus payments, they need to be targeted by income,” said Marr.

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He added that giving stimulus to affluent Americans will not spend the money. They will save so Cuban’s idea of “use it or lose it” will not work because “the federal government could not keep track of that.”