Meta Commits to Fighting Human Trafficking


According to the US State Department, at least 24.9 million individuals around the world are believed to be victims of human trafficking.

Reported numbers on the books never truly comprise each and every case; however, 24.9 million by itself stands as a staggering number of enslaved persons.

Contrary to what some folks believe, human trafficking remains very much prevalent in the United States. Americans also often travel overseas to engage in the illegal sex trade that often involves minors.

With the rise of technology in people’s lives, human traffickers and their buyers routinely use social media platforms to engage in buying and selling people.

Though Meta (the company once known as Facebook) recently made a commitment to use software and tools at its disposal to fight human trafficking.

What to know about Meta’s commitment to fighting human trafficking

According to Meta, its work to combat human trafficking will entail use of a software tool known as Hasher Matcher Actioner.

In a nutshell, Hasher Matcher Actioner lets companies find various images via digital fingerprints tracking. From here, companies using this software tool can prevent the images in question from circulating online.