Michigan Man Arrested For Human Trafficking by GHOST Team


At one point, the Michigan man reportedly threatened to use his teeth (which were filed into sharp points) to tear out her throat if she did not cooperate with him.

This case is still open and ongoing. Though at some point, the young woman made it to Hurley Medical Center. After staff assessed her, they reached out to sheriff deputies in Genesse County.

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This led to the arrest of Barajas. He now faces the following charges while sitting in Genesee County Jail:

  • Kidnapping
  • Human trafficking
  • Committing a felony with a firearm
  • Drug possession
  • Criminal sexual conduct in the first degree
  • Intentional assault meant to inflict bodily harm less severe than murder
  • Assault using a dangerous weapon

Barajas’ next court hearing will take place on Thursday, December 22.

However, law enforcement remains hard at work to locate and arrest the individuals who engaged in assaulting this young woman as Barajas held her hostage.

Vulnerability and human trafficking

As seen in this latest case, human traffickers’ modus operandi often involves targeting vulnerabilities they wish to exploit. These vulnerabilities increase predators’ propensity to fill a need, build rapport, and then isolate their victims.