Mississippi Launches New Initiative to Combat Human Trafficking


Some groups who’ve already joined MBAT include the following:

  • Mississippi Hotel and Lodging Association
  • Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy
  • Sprint Mart (The Dutch Group)
  • Mississippi Braves

In further remarks, Secretary of State Watson likewise spoke about the prevalent nature of human trafficking. According to him, most people throughout Mississippi aren’t aware of how frequently individuals suffer at the hands of traffickers.

Watson also noted that he himself met with survivors of trafficking amid working in the Mississippi state legislature. Businesses in the state looking to sign up for MBAT can do so here.

Raising awareness in other communities

Each state should employ measures such as MBAT that allow for businesses and other organizations to involve themselves in the fight against human trafficking.

Thankfully, many tools exist for those who wish to raise awareness and end human trafficking. Operation Underground Railroad, along with Slavery Free World, are some great and reputational organizations to look into.