Mississippi Launches New Initiative to Combat Human Trafficking


One of the most impactful ways to defeat human trafficking is by raising awareness about it.

If people, businesses, and communities lack knowledge on how to recognize and push back against human trafficking, fighting this form of modern-day slavery becomes 1000x more challenging.

Thankfully, a surge in leaders, communities, and other officials raising awareness about human trafficking is taking place.

One of the latest efforts to raise human trafficking awareness is occurring in Mississippi.

Helping businesses recognize and fight back against human trafficking

Mississippi Businesses Against Trafficking (MBAT) is a new measure designed to help nonprofits, companies, and other groups learn more about trafficking in the community.

According to Secretary of State Michael Watson, Mississippi is continuously partnering with other state officials in order to educate more individuals about human trafficking.

On the MBAT website, individuals and businesses can find educational information; they can also learn various ways to involve themselves in the fight against modern-day slavery.