Most Americans Agree Presidential Debates Should Include Third Party Candidates


Third party presidential candidates have been historically frozen out of the political process. While these contenders remain within their rights to run, they often lack the funding, press coverage, and attention that goes to politicians running as either Republicans or Democrats.

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Within recent years, polls have shown a growing number of Americans becoming disillusioned with both of our nation’s major political parties. Many people feel that neither side represents them, yet both are failing to govern effectively.

Despite this sentiment, the perception that third party contenders have no chance of winning meaningful elections is still alive and well in the United States. However, a recent poll shows substantial public support for these candidates to have a place on the presidential debate stages.

The latest from Americans on third party presidential candidates

Earlier this month, the country learned that Trump and Biden – the defacto presidential nominees – will partake in two debates ahead of the November election. However, notably not included in the upcoming events is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. RFK Jr. is currently running for president as an Independent and has bemoaned his lack of inclusion in the debates.