Multiple States File Amicus Brief Challenging Public Charge Rule


Additionally, the City argued that it will be forced to spend resources to encourage immigrants to accept benefits. The FAM changes will impose costs on Baltimore’s programs and the city as a whole.

California Attorney General calls new public charge rule “dangerous”

In the amicus brief, the state Attorneys General argued that they have a strong interest to protect the health, wealth-being, and economic security of their residents. They stressed that the government provides public benefits to help families make ends meet and ensure strong and healthy families nationwide.

They noted that the term public charge has long been used to describe people who depend primarily on government-funded cash assistance or long-term care.

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In a statement, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra said, “This guidance represents yet another attempt by the Trump Administration to sow fear and confusion in the immigrant community.”

“The Trump Administration continues to play politics at the expense of vulnerable families and their children. This dangerous policy would force parents to forgo basic necessities like food, housing, and healthcare out of fear. We will not stand for this assault on families and communities across our nation,” he added.