Najeeb Khan Gets 8 Years: Sentenced for $150 Million Check-Kiting Scheme

Najeeb Khan Gets 8 Years

In a courtroom drama that had spectators on the edge of their seats, Najeeb Khan, the former owner and head of a payroll processing company, has been sentenced to eight years behind bars by an Ohio federal judge. Khan’s conviction stems from his involvement in a massive $150 million check-kiting scheme, a verdict that closely aligns with the government’s push for a 10-year sentence, rather than the mere two years Khan had fervently argued for.

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Najeeb Khan Gets 8 Years: A Lengthy Sentence Unveiled

Najeeb Khan’s fate was sealed as U.S. District Judge Pamela A. Barker announced that he would serve a grueling 97 months in federal prison, to be followed by three years of supervised release. But the suspense didn’t end there; Khan was also ordered to make amends by paying a staggering $158 million in restitution. A jaw-dropping $121 million of this colossal sum will be funneled directly to KeyBank, an ominous consequence he must bear in accordance with his plea agreement struck back in January.