Netflix Faces $170M Defamation Suit Over “Baby Reindeer” Miniseries

Netflix via Unsplash - Venti Views
Netflix via Unsplash - Venti Views

Netflix’s popular miniseries “Baby Reindeer” is at the center of a $170 million lawsuit filed in California federal court on Thursday. The suit alleges that the show, which Netflix markets as a “true story,” is based on “brutal lies” that have severely damaged the life and reputation of Scottish lawyer Fiona Harvey.

Harvey claims that the character of Martha Scott, portrayed by Jessica Gunning, is falsely based on her and that the series has defamed her by depicting her as a “twice-convicted stalker who was sentenced to five years in prison” and implying that she sexually assaulted Richard Gadd, the show’s creator.

“Baby Reindeer” follows the story of a struggling comedian whose act of kindness towards a vulnerable woman spirals into a suffocating obsession, threatening to destroy both of their lives. The seven-episode series is adapted from Gadd’s one-man show, which he claims is based on his real-life experiences.

Harvey, who lives in England and holds a diploma in legal practice from the University of Strathclyde, argues that Netflix failed to verify the truth of these allegations or investigate the nature of her relationship with Gadd, if any.