New Efforts Emerge to Combat Human Trafficking in Houston


Across the United States, communities suffer from human trafficking. Due to the extent that human trafficking relies upon coercion, fraud, and force, it often hides in plain sight.

Many people think most cases of trafficking involve masked men pulling an unwilling woman or girl into a van against her will. In actuality, this is not the most common means by which human trafficking occurs.

Oftentimes, traffickers form bonds with their victims before coercing them into sexual servitude, forced labor, etc. Victims of trafficking don’t always just run away and get help, due to the coercion factor.

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Some traffickers put literal tracking devices on their victims. Others threaten the loved ones of those being trafficked.

While raising awareness about human trafficking remains imperative, officials in Houston, Texas are working to do just that.

Combatting human trafficking in Houston

Between Tuesday, October 18 and Thursday, October 20, the Center for Public Service & Community Research, with the College of Public Service, is holding a virtual event to raise awareness.