New Mobile App Could Identify Early Cases of Dementia


If Datacubed Health’s program lives up to expectations, the medical field will indeed undergo a breakthrough. This app may potentially reduce the need for certain in-person tests. Officials also believe that later down the line, the new app could even track individuals’ progress as they receive medical treatments.

Expect tech to stay relevant in healthcare

The latest app from Datacubed Health is one of many examples where tech is making headway in medical spaces. Last year, reports broke that artificial intelligence could lead to earlier detections of both breast cancer and Parkinson’s disease.

If used appropriately and with the proper regulations, AI, mobile apps, and other tech iterations could lead to higher rates of discovering and combating myriad diseases. With time, technology may also play a role in creating antidotes for certain incurable illnesses like dementia, cancer, or even HIV.

For now, medical tech is largely in its infancy. Officials continue to study it, hoping to make the most of the benefits while keeping any risks at a minimum.