New Mobile App Could Identify Early Cases of Dementia


Dementia is a severe health condition in which afflicted individuals begin to encounter problems with their memory, cognitive functions, and capacity to solve problems. As time goes on, a person with dementia often misremembers important details and struggles to navigate social settings.

As of now, no cure for this condition exists. However, various therapies and treatments can help reduce symptoms. Of course, when dementia is discovered earlier rather than later, remedies to fight it are typically more effective.

Moving forward, detecting dementia before it reaches its later stages may become easier, thanks to an app created by Datacubed Health.

A major medical breakthrough in combatting dementia symptoms

A recent study from JAMA Open Network reveals that one app, which records individuals’ speech as they undergo cognitive tests, could suss out early cases of frontotemporal dementia.

While this program hasn’t been released to the public just yet, Datacubed Health has tested it among hundreds of people at high risk of developing the aforementioned condition. So far, the app looks promising, with health officials saying it could conceivably be more effective in catching dementia cases than the more traditional neuropsychological tests.