New “Rage Applying” Trend Hits the Workforce


It’s no secret the US economy isn’t doing all that well these days. Thanks to inflation, growing interest rates, and businesses laying off people, the economy remains quite tumultuous.

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Many Americans are having to get creative in order to pay the bills each month and ensure they can feed their children. This leads to a rise of gig workers taking on DoorDash deliveries, Instacart shopping trips, and driving people places via Uber and Lyft.

However, the economy is seeing a brand new trend that’s now being dubbed as “rage applying.”

A closer look at the rise of rage applying

In a nutshell, rage applying takes place when people feel unhappy with their current employment situations. The purpose behind rage applying is for displeased workers to find new employment options quickly enough to quit their current jobs.

Some specialists believe rage applying can lead applicants to not put as much careful consideration into the jobs they’re seeking. Likewise, some have described rage applying as something that is more likely to appear in impulsive personalities.