New Study Connects Consumption of Heavily Processed Foods to Earlier Mortality


For years, we’ve known that what you eat directly impacts your health. “You are what you eat” and “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” are just a few sayings that underscore the importance of diet and nutrition.

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Nevertheless, it’s often easy to forget just how harmful unhealthy food can be. Here in the United States, less than optimal sustenance is readily available and easy to come upon. Junk food also has a tendency to cost less money than healthier, more nutritious meals.

Unfortunately, the price that people pay for poor eating habits comes not from their wallets, but from their physical wellness. In fact, a recent study underscores exactly how toxic heavily processed foods can be to the human body.

Be wary of ultra processed foods

When reviewing 115,000 individuals’ diets, researchers discovered the correlation between ultra processed food consumption and a greater risk of premature death. The correlation is strongest in people who regularly ingest “ready to eat” poultry, meat, and seafood.