New Study Links Childhood Asthma, Premature Deaths to Gas and Propane Stoves


Recent years have seen more controversy surrounding the use and presence of gas stoves in homes across the United States. While these appliances work for many Americans, some argue they pose harms that tend to fly under the radar.

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Democrats, who tend to be more supportive of electric alternatives to gas-fueled devices, are some of the most outspoken voices pointing this out. True believers even call for mandates that would force gas stoves to be swapped out with electric ones.

Among conservatives, worries are arising about the Biden administration actually taking such action one day.

Thus far, the current White House hasn’t made any overt moves to force electric stoves into Americans’ homes. However, a new study from Science Advances doesn’t paint gas or propane stoves in the most favorable light.

Understanding the latest findings

According to Science Advances, researchers believe ongoing NO2 exposure could be responsible for 19,000 adults dying every year. If true, this would account for 40% of the annual secondhand smoke mortality rate.