New York AG Sues PepsiCo Over Plastic Pollution

New York AG Sues PepsiCo

In a groundbreaking move, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a historic lawsuit against PepsiCo on Wednesday, targeting the beverage giant for its alleged contribution to high pollution levels along the Buffalo River. James contends that PepsiCo failed to adequately warn consumers about potential health and environmental risks linked to its single-use plastic products and misled the public about its commitment to combating plastic contamination.

Allegations of Environmental Negligence

Describing the legal action as unprecedented, Attorney General James revealed that her office conducted a comprehensive survey of waste collected at 13 sites along the Buffalo River and its tributaries. Shockingly, the investigation unearthed that more than 17% of the 1,916 identifiable pieces of plastic trash were traced back to PepsiCo.

Plastic Menace Threatening Public Health

Attorney General James pointed out the severe public health and environmental repercussions of plastic pollution along the Buffalo River. She emphasized that microplastics, a byproduct of such pollution, have been detected in Buffalo city’s drinking water supply. An in-depth analysis of microplastic fragments found in the river further affirmed the presence of plastics consistent with the type used in PepsiCo’s drink bottles and caps.

New York AG Sues PepsiCo :  A Call for Corporate Accountability

In a strongly worded statement, James declared, “No company is too big to ensure that their products do not damage our environment and public health. All New Yorkers have a basic right to clean water, yet PepsiCo’s irresponsible packaging and marketing endanger Buffalo’s water supply, environment, and public health.”