Nikki Haley Torches Trump For “Weak in the Knees” Response to Navalny’s Death, Putin


On Friday, February 16, Russian anti-corruption activist Alexei Navalny tragically passed away.

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He died while held on a multi-decade prison sentence in Arctic Circle. Around the world, Navalny’s lockup has been widely condemned as unjust and politically motivated, due to him openly speaking out against corruption in Russia and opposing the Putin regime.

The official story is that Navaln passed from sudden death syndrome after suffering a blood clot. Though given Putin’s track record with his political rivals, numerous world leaders – along with other officials and citizens – believe the Russian dictator masterminded Navalny’s death.

Unsurprisingly, the Russian government pointedly denies these allegations.

Since Friday, the world has rallied around Navalny, praising his courageous fight for freedom. Former President Trump, however, referenced the anti-corruption activist’s death as parallel to the “radical left” bringing about destruction in the United States before signing off with “MAGA 2024” on Truth Social.