NJ Attorneys Settle $250K Split Fee Dispute

NJ Attorneys Settle $250K Split Fee Dispute

In a dramatic courtroom finale, Starr Gern Davison & Rubin PC, alongside attorney David S. Rochman, have reached an undisclosed settlement, conclusively ending their intense legal skirmish over fees tied to a $250,000 judgment from a personal injury case. The legal saga unfolded in Burlington County Superior Court and concluded with a Thursday filing.

NJ Attorneys Settle $250K Split Fee Dispute : Mysterious Settlement

The contentious dispute, shrouded in mystery, revolved around fees linked to a significant $250,000 judgment obtained in November 2022 from a personal injury case the attorneys had collaborated on. The terms of the resolution, intriguingly, were kept confidential, leaving the legal community and curious onlookers in suspense.

Rochman’s Bold Lawsuit Unravels a Tangled Web

In a bold move last December, attorney David S. Rochman launched a lawsuit against Starr Gern Davison & Rubin PC and Amos Gern, asserting that he was entitled to fees stemming from a personal injury case that the firm had taken over from him in 2020. The case, which reached a climactic $250,000 settlement in November 2022, was at the center of the legal storm.

Heated Courtroom Exchange Leaves Judge “At a Loss for Words”

The legal battleground witnessed a heated exchange between Rochman and Gern, leaving Judge Richard L. Hertzberg momentarily speechless during a discovery dispute last May. The dispute centered on Rochman’s claim that Gern and his firm failed to adequately respond to interrogatories and refused to provide the entire case file.

Gern’s Accusations and Rochman’s Counterattacks Create Legal Fireworks

During oral arguments, Gern labeled Rochman’s requests as a “charade,” “shenanigans,” and a “joke,” alleging they were intended to burden his firm. In response, Rochman accused the northern New Jersey-based firm of practicing law differently than he and others do in the southern part of the state. The courtroom drama reached a point where Judge Hertzberg recommended the parties split the cost of copying the client file.

NJ Attorneys Settle $250K Split Fee Dispute :
Silent Settlement Ends Legal Theatrics

The final act of this legal drama unfolded with both parties agreeing to dismiss the suit with prejudice and without costs. The abrupt and silent settlement has left the legal community and interested parties wondering about the intricacies that led to this unexpected resolution.

Curtain Falls on Controversy as Attorneys Remain Tight-Lipped

Despite numerous attempts, neither Starr Gern Davison & Rubin PC nor Amos Gern offered comments on the resolution. Rochman, representing himself throughout the dispute, remained silent in response to requests for comment. The legal community is left with more questions than answers as the curtain falls on this perplexing legal tale.