NRA Ex-CFO 10-year NY Nonprofit Ban


The second-phase trial, set to begin Monday, will proceed against the NRA, LaPierre, and Frazer. LaPierre resigned from the NRA on the eve of the first trial after leading the organization since 1991. James’ office aims to secure a ban preventing LaPierre from returning to the NRA.

NRA Ex-CFO 10-year NY Nonprofit Ban : Background of the Case

The state filed the lawsuit in August 2020, claiming the NRA had become a “breeding ground for greed, abuse, and brazen illegality,” seeking to dissolve the organization. However, state Supreme Court Justice Joel M. Cohen ruled against dissolution, citing First Amendment concerns.

Following the lawsuit, the NRA declared bankruptcy, but a Texas bankruptcy judge dismissed the Chapter 11 case in March 2021, determining it was a strategy to gain a litigation advantage in the New York case.

During the trial, LaPierre admitted he failed to inform the NRA’s board about certain private jet expenses and vendor relationships. The state presented evidence that LaPierre received reimbursements from the NRA for personal expenses, including landscaping and mosquito treatment at his home, as well as gifts for family and friends.