Old School Suiting for the Modern World


A good cigar, a straight razor shave, sipping a good scotch. There are some rites of manhood that are timeless, and universal. Purchasing a custom suit is among these rites. With the advent and popularity of online discount tailors like Indochino and iTailor, this process has become less personal and more automated. Gone are the days of the local haberdasher, the mahogany showrooms, and the personal touch provided by experienced tailors. The custom suit has been reduced to an algorithm.

Randall Mills, a native Floridian, is seeking to change that. As a young professional that needed to dress to impress, Mills wasn’t satisfied with the options available to him, feeling that they constrained him and didn’t allow him to stand out.  Inspired by the style and class of his grandfather, Howard Mills, Randy set out to create a product line that would restore the prestige of the custom suit and give men the ability to express themselves and look dapper at the same time. The result was the SilverFox Label.

According to the SilverFox website, “The styles and options available to you from the moment you begin designing your custom garment are so limitless it can best be described by imagining the figure eight of infinity in your head, allowing you to be as traditional or as unconventional as you’d like.” On top of providing custom suits, the Label also provides custom dress shirts, sport coats, trousers, tuxedos, and overcoats, truly a one-stop shop for a complete wardrobe overhaul.

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It’s not the endless options and combinations that set SilverFox above the pack. The process itself is imbued with the level of detail and sophistication of a well-aged single malt scotch. “It comes down to the experience, [traditional] retail is dead I think. It’s about giving the service to the client, the expertise on style and fit. It alleviates the pain that most guys go through when trying to dress well.” Says Mills. “It’s the wave of the future, not just for suits, but for all clothing.”

SilverFox Label Founder, Randall Mills, with Coaching Legend Bobby Bowden

A consultation with a SilverFox haberdasher is the first step of the process. Their showroom is located in Tallahassee, Florida’s Capital City, but the meeting can be held at the client’s office, home or wherever is most convenient. The haberdasher will spend time with the client to discuss their goals, budget, and needs. The consultation also includes an in-depth 26-point body measurement, revealing the commitment and attention to detail. Based on these measurements, there are 9 options for the final fit.

Some of SilverFox’s high profile clients include Chris Lucas, of country music duo, LoCash, and Former Florida State University Football Coach Bobby Bowden. Bowden, a member of the College Football Hall of Fame, is a frequent guest speaker for Mills’ annual charity golf tournament, the Old School Open. “It has been an honor to fit Coach Bowden for his suits. When he comes to speak at the Old School Open, I give him a complimentary suit to thank him for his time.”

SilverFox Label Founder, Randall Mills, with NE Region Head of Branding and Sales, Philip Mangan

What’s next for SilverFox? “Over the next 18 months, 2 years, I’ll be headquartered in Atlanta, where there’s access to an airport to accept clients.” Mills wants to eventually open a showroom in every major city. “I want to open showrooms and have them run by the right people. I don’t want sales reps, I want people who understand style trends and have the expertise to provide our clients with the best experience.”

The SilverFox Label is also establishing a presence in the Big Apple. The newest addition to the company, Philip Mangan, 34 years old, graduated from Florida State University in 2006 with degrees in Marketing and Hospitality.  As a proven and successful entrepreneur in Florida over the last several years, he decided to move to Manhattan towards the end of 2016 to take on new challenges with the SilverFox Label.  He has recently been appointed the head of branding and sales in the Northeast region for the company and is also pursuing other opportunities in his free time with modeling and fashion blogging.

William F. Stephenson, the CEO of DLL Financial Services, had this to say about the brand:

“I have had many custom suits made over the years, from Brioni to Hickey Freeman. Never have I worn a suit with as much attention to detail as SilverFox Label. The fit is perfect, the pants allow for flexibility, and the pockets are very practical for today’s needs. I’ll never own anything else.”