OpenAI Web Crawler GPTBot Privacy Controversy, Here’s How to Block It


Artificial intelligence (AI) model GPT-4, through OpenAI, has unveiled GPTBot, a web crawler designed to scour the Internet for data to improve AI performance. While this development holds promise for refining AI accuracy and safety, it also raises significant privacy concerns and prompts questions about data security.

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OpenAI’s GPTBot functions as a program that accesses publicly available online data to enhance future iterations of AI models. This process, often referred to as web crawling or web scraping, has the potential to empower AI models with real-world information, making them more adept at understanding and generating human-like text.

Website owners who want to prevent their content from being accessed by GPTBot have two options: they can either block the bot’s IP address or incorporate a disallow command into their site’s code. OpenAI has provided guidance on how to implement these measures, giving web administrators a degree of control over whether their content is included in GPTBot’s training dataset.