OPINION: Removing Your Healthy Wisdom Teeth is a Bad Idea


Teeth play a crucial role in each person’s health and everyday life. Seeing the dentist at least twice a year, along with brushing and flossing on a daily basis, comes highly recommended in the name of good oral hygiene.

Wisdom and molar teeth – the ones furthest back in the mouth – can be more prone to issues than incisors. Further back teeth also tend to have more crevices, which may make them more vulnerable to cavities.

Because of the issues that can emerge with wisdom teeth, some people – and even dentists – will recommend undergoing oral surgery to have them all extracted. However, removing healthy wisdom teeth is not always advisable.

It can disrupt other teeth in your mouth

Anyone who goes to a dentist’s office and gets an x-ray of their mouth will see the placement of their wisdom teeth. Barring ones that are fractured, impacted, or otherwise less than optimal, many wisdom teeth play a role in chewing and breaking down certain foods.

Opting to undergo extractions for wisdom teeth that haven’t caused any problems means having fewer healthy teeth in your mouth. It also means your remaining teeth will take on more effort in chewing and breaking down food.