Opinion: Republicans are Not Suppressing the Vote


On social media and other outlets, liberal activists and individuals have claimed that standing in line to vote is a form of voter suppression. That is absolute nonsense. If anything, the allowance of early voting (weeks ahead of Election Day) disproves the notion that Republicans are working to “suppress the vote.”

The same Democrats who currently allege voter suppression, have also claimed that requiring identification to vote is a form of racism. This is also rubbish, just like the claim that having to wait in line to vote is a form of “suppression.”

The right to vote is precious. It’s something that all Americans should partake in if they want to. Over the past several weeks, certain polls have shifted in favor of Trump. Likewise, the president’s rally attendance and enthusiasm from supporters have overshadowed that of Biden’s.

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In light of these details, it’s understandable for Democrats to harbor feelings of concern about the 2020 election’s outcome. However, it’s also dishonest and unethical to baselessly accuse Republicans of voter suppression and working to keep minorities from voting.