Opinion: Republicans are Not Suppressing the Vote


In several states across America, early voting already began. While Americans do have the additional options of voting by mail or absentee voting, many folks are deciding to go to the polls and vote in person.

In states like Texas, Georgia, and others, residents have multiple polling places they can go to in their counties to cast their votes. Unfortunately, Democrats are already putting out the narrative that “voter suppression” is being perpetrated by Republicans. This is irrevocably false and without merit.

Early voting at the polls in Georgia

2020 marks the first election I’ve ever voted in and I decided to vote in person. I want to ensure that my vote is counted and I do not trust voting by mail. Upon arriving at the polls, I stood in a socially distanced line for roughly one hour. When my turn arrived, I showed the poll worker my I.D. and voted straight Republican across the ballot.

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All of the poll workers were very friendly and professional. They answered my questions about the procedures to follow and I felt great about the experience.

Dismantling Democrats’ claims about voter suppression

Now, Democrats are claiming that Republicans have an active, vested crusade to stop minorities from voting. This simply makes no sense. Not only am I now a first-time voter, but I’m also a minority. At no point did I ever feel “intimidated” or “suppressed.” However, the left seems to have an interesting definition of “voter suppression.”