Paxton Deputy FBI Hack :Tensions in Texas Senate

Paxton deputy FBI hack

In a cinematic turn of events, the Texas Senate was on the edge of its seat as Ryan Bangert, a former deputy to suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, testified about the controversial hiring of an outside attorney. The attorney in question was brought on board to serve subpoenas to Austin-area banks related to accusations by real estate magnate, Nate Paul.

Bangert, echoing the confusion of many, stated, “My concern was that we did not know what we did not know.” His perplexity derived from the hiring of Brandon Cammack, a relatively green lawyer. Allegedly, Paxton championed Cammack’s hiring to delve into claims made by Paul that the FBI may have played foul in securing search warrants for a 2019 operation into Paul’s assets.

Behind Closed Doors: Disagreements and Dissent

Evidence presented to the Senate revealed Paxton’s impatience with Mark Penley and David Maxwell, two deputies initially tasked with investigating Paul’s claims. This discontent led to the push for Cammack’s involvement, a move Bangert and another senior deputy, Jeff Mateer, vehemently opposed. They equated this to a ship veering off course, with its captain ignoring the alarms.