Pelosi asks Trump to ‘Urge McConnell and McCarthy to agree’ to $2,000 stimulus payments


Trump’s demands have been met with criticism from both sides of aisle, including Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Republican Sen. Lindsay Graham, who urged the President to sign the current bill into law immediately.

Oddly enough, Graham changed his tune and voiced support for the $2,000 stimulus, saying:

“I support President @realDonaldTrump’s demand to increase direct payments for long-suffering Americans to $2,000 per person.”

In the end, the fate of a $2,000 stimulus payment lies in the hands of Sen. Mitch McConnell, who has reportedly maintained a line in the sand on the $600 amount – urging Republicans to follow his lead.

Admittedly, McConnell is in a tough spot. The Senate Majority Leader could decide to hold the line, which would create a Mexican standoff of Congressional leaders and the Executive Branch.

Or, McConnell could see which way the wind is blowing and acquiesce Trump and Pelosi’s request. The ultimate question being – will McConnell be willing to face the wrath of the American public who already appear to be incensed by the $900 billion relief packages’ contents?