Perjury Alleged:  Wade’s Phone Tracked Near Fani Willis Home Months before they say Affair Started


Charles Mittelstadt, an investigator hired by Trump’s legal team, revealed that Wade’s phone pinged near Willis’ Hapeville, Georgia condo approximately 35 times between April 1, 2021, and November 30, 2021.

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What’s particularly striking is that many of these visits occurred before Wade was officially hired by Willis to serve as the special prosecutor in the Trump election fraud case.

This appears to contradict recent court testimony wherein Wade asserted he had only been to the condo around ten times prior to his appointment.

Mittelstadt’s analysis of cell phone and geolocation data also uncovered two instances where Wade visited the condo in the middle of the night, both before and after signing his initial contract with Willis’ office.

These findings raise serious questions about the accuracy of testimony provided by both individuals regarding the timeline and nature of their relationship.

Alleged Perjury

Georgia-based defense attorney Keith Johnson remarked that if the affidavit presented by Trump’s legal team is accurate, it could potentially lead to perjury charges.