pharma co goes bankrupt with $127M Debt


Brandon D. Smith highlighted the potential value of Impel’s research and development tax credits, along with past and predicted net operating losses. These, under certain circumstances, may offset future taxable income or federal tax liabilities.

pharma co goes bankrupt with $127M Debt : Emergency Request to Preserve Value

In a bid to protect these assets, Impel filed an emergency request to restrict the transfer and sale of its stock. This move aims to safeguard the net operating losses and research and development credits from depletion.

As the pharmaceutical giant faces this critical juncture, its legal representation from Sidley Austin LLP and Fenwick & West LLP is poised for the challenging road ahead.

For now, the pharmaceutical industry watches with bated breath as Impel Pharmaceuticals grapples with its financial turbulence, leaving the fate of its groundbreaking treatments hanging in the balance.