pharma co goes bankrupt with $127M Debt

pharma co goes bankrupt with $127M Debt
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In a shocking turn of events, renowned migraine drug manufacturer Impel Pharmaceuticals Inc. and its subsidiary, Impel NeuroPharma Australia Pty Ltd., have filed for bankruptcy in Texas, revealing a staggering debt of $126.9 million. The beleaguered pharmaceutical company, known for its emphasis on central nervous system treatments, is now set to auction itself as a going concern.

pharma co goes bankrupt with $127M Debt : Strain on Finances Leads to Bankruptcy

Impel Pharmaceuticals faced a tumultuous journey leading up to this unprecedented bankruptcy filing. The revelation came in a first-day declaration by restructuring officer Brandon D. Smith, who detailed the company’s struggle to attract buyers after its migraine drug sales fell below expectations, putting significant strain on its finances.

Going Concern Bankruptcy Auction on the Horizon

To salvage its operations, Impel Pharmaceuticals plans to hold a going concern bankruptcy auction in early 2024. The auction will feature a $17.5 million stalking horse bid from JN Bidco LLC, according to first-day filings.

pharma co goes bankrupt with $127M Debt : Strategic Decision Amid Financial Turmoil

In a press release on Tuesday, Impel’s interim president and CEO Len Paolillo stated, “After carefully reviewing all available strategic options with our advisors, Impel made the decision to pursue a sale through an in-court restructuring process.” The restructuring plan aims to keep the company’s migraine drug, Trudhesa, available.

Drug Development Pause and Financial Woes

Impel Pharmaceuticals, based in Seattle, Washington, specializes in treating central nervous system conditions using a proprietary nasal drug delivery apparatus. The company launched Trudhesa, a nasal-spray treatment for acute migraine relief, in 2021. However, lower-than-expected sales led to financial difficulties, resulting in the pause of the development of other drugs, including INP105.

Rollercoaster of Financial Struggles

Since its founding in 2008, Impel has grappled with negative cash flow and relied on multiple rounds of capital fundraising to sustain operations. Despite raising $120.3 million in 2021 from its initial public offering and subsequent rounds, the company faced challenges sustaining itself.

Default, Negotiations, and a Lifeline Loan

In a bid to stave off collapse, Impel renegotiated with lenders after dropping below minimum liquidity requirements for its loans in July. The company secured a $20 million runway loan to stay afloat while actively seeking buyers and exploring strategic alternatives.

pharma co goes bankrupt with $127M Debt : Auction with Stalking Horse Bid

The board of directors ultimately decided on a bankruptcy auction to sell Impel as a going concern. The auction is set for early next year, featuring a $17.5 million stalking horse bid by JN Bidco, as outlined in first-day filings.

Complex Debt Structure and Potential Value

Impel’s estimated debt includes prepetition secured loans totaling $121.5 million and $2 million in unsecured trade debt and other obligations. Despite the financial woes, the company boasts an estimated $35 million in assets, encompassing intellectual property, inventory, equipment, and cash.