Portugal Sees More American Homebuyers Putting Down Roots


Comfortably nested in southern Europe, Portugal has a reputation for its fine wine, beaches, and production of corks. Rustic buildings and warm weather only add to the appeal of this country. From Lisbon to Porto, Obidios, and beyond, there’s something for just about anyone in Portugal to enjoy.

What some people may not know about the country is its popularity among US property buyers. As the number of American ex-pats living in Portugal increases, so does the amount of US citizens purchasing fancy accommodations in the southern European nation.

What’s driving Americans to invest in Portugal’s luxury properties?

Findings from Global Luxury Report 2023 reveal that Portugal’s lifestyle, combined with the value of the US dollar in the country, is a major factor. Buyers from the United States ultimately feel they’re able to get the most bang for their buck here, thanks to various tax incentives for both expats and foreign investors.

A considerable amount of people who invest in these properties are doing so for short-term stays or long-term visits. By American standards, many Portuguese listings come with fair prices and a sort of refuge from the chaos happening in other parts of the world.