Did President Trump Really Flirt With An Irish Reporter?


The failing mainstream media and Trump critics will stop at absolutely nothing to paint the President of the United States in a negative light. Hours ago, reports accusing President Trump of flirting with an Irish reporter began to surface the web. This followed after the President platonically stated that the woman had a “nice smile.” The President did not make any suggestive or inappropriate remarks. As a matter of fact, had he said nothing at all, the media would have mostly likely accused him of being “rude.”

Despite the averments from the media, it appears as though the phone called between President Trump and the Irish Prime Minister went well. As a matter of fact, the Irish government made the following statement:

Particular topics discussed included migration, Brexit and the movement of goods and citizens across the border, climate change, free trade, Irish inward investment in the United States, and the undocumented Irish.

The Northern Ireland peace process was also a subject of discussion and both men declared their anticipation of meeting each other in Washington next March. It appears as though all went well and both parties left the conversation satisfied.

Contrary to what some people may believe, a gentleman who pays a lady a compliment is not necessarily flirting with her. Warmly telling someone they have a nice smile is not worthy of such intense scrutiny and speculation, especially in light of all the other pressing matters existing in this country.

President Trump had a successful phone conference with the Irish prime minister and the two men will be meeting in 2018. This is what should be receiving news coverage as opposed to the President telling a female reporter that she has a nice smile. This story is merely another example of why the media should release the personal and political vendetta that they have against President Trump.

Matters such as healthcare, foreign policy, jobs, immigration, crime, interactions with foreign world leaders, and more are very newsworthy subjects that have a much greater impact on the people of this nation than an innocent compliment. How can media anchor claim to be “real news” when they take every opportunity to spread misinformation to promote their own agenda? The massive distortion of the President’s compliment to the Irish reporter is merely a symptom of the disease. At this point in American history, the media has proven their willingness to sink to any depths in order to push their own agenda. As long as they proceed on this course of action, this nation will continue to become more and more divided.

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