President Trump’s Lack of Political Correctness is a Breath of Fresh Air


Modern day politicians have earned an infamous reputation of engaging in political correctness. This has been evidenced throughout a plethora of elections time and time again. In order to win votes, and ultimately the office they are seeking, politicians decide to typically avoid issues that are massively controversial and even engage in pandering to certain ethnic groups. Political correctness does not only occur when people run for office. It has festered in multiple facets of our society and our government. Political correctness is a cancer that must be eradicated immediately. The first step to achieving this goal is by having a President who does not engage in such foolery. President Trump is the first Commander in Chief (in decades) who does not subscribe to the toxic ideology of political correctness.

For starters, President Trump’s decision to stay away from political correctness speaks to his honesty and authenticity. Those who partake in being politically correct are known to be phony and hypocritical. President Trump says what he means and he means what he says. The plight of illegal immigration is a prime example. Illegal immigrants cost federal and local taxpayers billions of dollars annually and many of them engage in criminal activity. These are facts. However, throughout the 2016 election, no politician (other than President Trump) wanted to discuss these truths. When President Trump first brought up illegal immigration, the media went into a frenzy. How dare the future President actually discuss a matter that will vastly impact the people of this nation! Despite the claims of left wing liberals, it is not racist to disallow illegal immigration. Political correctness is a scourge because it halts the discussion of important matters.

Furthermore, the President’s lack of political correctness serves as a relief because he does not have to pander to anyone in order to receive support from certain demographics. Trump won the election and he did so with support from whites, blacks, hispanics, latinos, old, young, rich, and poor. Many Americans have tired of politicians who pitifully attempt to pander as a means of securing votes. A great example of this is Hillary Clinton who is known for her pathetic mishaps at pandering to African Americans. One of the most cringe worthy instances is when she told a hip hop host that she “keeps hot sauce in her bag, swag.” This conduct is flagrantly disgusting and unappealing to intelligent voters of all races. Unlike Clinton, President Trump’s message was clear, concise, and free of political correctness. This is ultimately what led to him winning the election. Voters collaboratively came out and voted for him because he was a man they believed in.

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Not only has political correctness reared its ugly head in last year’s election, but it has also done so in everyday politics and tragic occurrences. A great example of this is the never ending debate over guns. Liberals incorrectly believe that banning guns will halt all crime. What they fail to realize is that law abiding citizens will be the only ones who follow gun control laws. Criminals and anarchists will do whatever it takes to buy guns, even if that entails theft or purchase via the black market. This is a reality that Democrats do not want to face. It’s easy to blame an inanimate object for crime, instead of looking at the situation from a reasonable standpoint and accepting that countless studies have proven that when people are armed, lives are saved.

Not only is President Trump a much needed refresher from political correctness, but he also serves as a beacon of hope to many Americans. Honesty and authenticity are two traits that many past Presidents have lacked. President Trump’s refusal to pander to any group demonstrates the true popularity of his policies. People support him for who he is as an individual, not how well he can cajole different demographics. Finally, President Trump’s refusal to succumb to political correctness is a clear indicator that he will make fair decision that are only rooted in American interests as opposed to ulterior motives.