President Zelensky says 31,000 Ukrainian troops killed since Russian invasion


 Zelensky also alleges that Russia has approximately 500,000 casualties, including 180,000 troops killed in action. There is no way to independently verify these estimates.

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Leaked Pentagon documents from last year offered insights into the extent of military casualties, with estimates suggesting a significant toll on both sides. Ukrainian casualties were projected between 15,500 and 17,000 killed. And 106,500 to 110,500 have been wounded. 

Russian Casualties

Russian losses were even more significant, with casualties ranging between 35,000 and 42,500 killed and 150,500 to 177,000 wounded, according to the US assessment.

The Russian government has been accused of obscuring the true extent of its military losses throughout the conflict.

Ukrainian authorities claim that over 400,000 Russian invaders have been eliminated since the invasion began.

British intelligence further underscores escalating Russian losses in 2023, estimating a protracted timeline of up to 10 years for Moscow to rebuild its professional army.