San Antonio Airport to Beef Up Security Measures With 5’4″ K5 Robot


Over the years, technology’s role in our day-to-day lives has only increased. Ten years ago, most people weren’t using their phones to order food, get rides, or study new languages.

In 2024, millions of Americans regularly rely upon their mobile devices for rideshare, social media, traveling, work, and more. Humans and technology continue to integrate as the former employs the latter to streamline convenience and efficiency.

Technology’s impact is indeed tangible. Artificial intelligence (AI) continues growing and more businesses are utilizing robots to make their jobs easier.

Down in Texas, the San Antonio International Airport just got approved for a 5’4″ K5 robot to help with overall security.

Here’s what’s going on

This month, the San Antonio city council greenlit a deal with security robot developer Knightscope. Knightscope is presently renting out autonomous K5 robots that are designed to improve the protection of various spaces and businesses.

After a seven to three vote, it’s been decided that over the next year, a 420-lb K5 robot will oversee doors at the airport and respond when alarms go off. Anyone who triggers an alarm will have their photo taken by the autonomous machine and sent to command center personnel.