San Antonio Airport to Beef Up Security Measures With 5’4″ K5 Robot


This will let San Antonio airport officials know who’s coming and whether or not they’re permitted to do so. Jesus Saenz, the local airports’ director, believes Knightscope’s robot will do a lot of good.

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Saenz told the media that San Antonio regularly has door alarms going off in the airport. Sometimes, this is due to unauthorized individuals entering; in other cases, it’s a result of an accident.

Either way, the local Texas airport has to abide by federal regulations that pertain to airport security. Saenz also stressed that bringing on the K5 robot isn’t about surveilling individuals; instead, the goal is dealing with airport door alarms that are repeatedly blaring.

Some city council members have concerns

Jalen McKee-Rodriguez is one of the three San Antonio city council members who voted against the contract with Knightscope. McKee-Rodriguez maintains that despite Saenz’s intentions, these K5 robots still have the capacity to gather and transmit individuals’ personal data.

Teri Castillo, another city council member who voted against the deal, expressed concerns that this K5 robot could potentially rob humans of airport security jobs.