Promoting Your Social Platforms On Twitter Will Now Get Your Account Suspended


“Chief Twit” Elon Musk said users have to pay to advertise on the website, even if it’s just a link to other social media platforms.

“You’re free to speak, but you gotta pay to advertise. Sounds reasonable to me,” the user wrote.

Musk replied: “Exactly.”

According to one of the tweets from Twitter Support, Twitter accounts that are only created to promote social platforms would be banned from Twitter. You can read further detail about the new policy on its Help Center site.

“We know that many of our users may be active on other social media platforms; however, going forward, Twitter will no longer allow free promotion of specific social media platforms on Twitter,” the site read.

The Help Center also lists pointed out other tweets that would violate the new rule. The following phrases are now likely to get your tweet deleted and your Twitter account banned.

“‘follow me @username on Instagram'”

“‘[email protected]'”

“‘check out my profile on Facebook –'”

However, Twitter says cross-posting content from any platform and posting links or usernames from any platform not named is still OK.