Protesters Unleash on Pelosi for Not Impeaching Trump


Over the course of Donald Trump’s time as president, various Democrats have called for his impeachment. Calls of impeachment maintained throughout the Robert Mueller investigation and even beyond; detractors of the president argued that he obstructed justice during Mueller’s nearly two year long probe.

Even after the aforementioned investigation, the left-wing still maintains that Trump’s conduct warrants impeachment from the White House. On multiple occasions, congressional Democrats have attempted to bring impeachment papers against the president; each time, this move resulted in failure.

Now, progressives are turning their attention to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Many individuals in the Democrat Party believe that Pelosi criticizes Trump, yet fails to act in the best interest of the party.

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California Protests Against Pelosi

Earlier this week, the House Speaker traveled to San Francisco, California in order to receive a lifetime achievement award. The ceremony took place at the InterContinental Hotel during a dinner; as Pelosi enjoyed her time, progressive protesters gathered outside the building to express their problems with the House Speaker’s lack of action to impeach President Trump.