REPORT: Some Uber Drivers Are Worried That They’re being used as “drug mules”

Uber - Viktor Adveev Unsplash
Uber - Viktor Adveev Unsplash

Some Uber drivers are troubled about the fact that they might be unknowingly delivering drugs via Uber Connect, the company’s courier service.

Six drivers from the US and Australia told NBC News they were concerned that customers were using them as “drug mules.” 

One driver told NBC News he took a package to a police station after he was given an almost empty plastic bag.

“All I could see inside was one little baggy that had two crystallized forms in there,” the driver told the outlet. “Immediately, I assumed it was some kind of narcotic.” 

According to NBC News, the driver took the suspicious package to the police but said he was nervous as the customer could track him on the Uber app. 

“I had my head on a swivel, because this person can see that I’ve diverted from the route, and if they know the area — which isn’t very far from their house — they can see I’m sitting outside the substation,” he said. 

Uber prohibits customers from using the service to deliver illegal items, alcohol, medication, or recreational drugs, per a company website. However, parcels are also required to be securely sealed and drivers are forbidden from opening or looking inside packages.