Rival gang war: Rolling shootouts at Memorial Day Biker Rally in Red River


‘Be advised, there is another shootout going on — a rolling shootout — between Banditos [Motorcycle Club] and someone else,’ an officer reported via police radio.

‘They are shutting down Red River,’ another officer advised over the scanner.   

It was originally reported by the Albuquerque Journal that the shooting happened at the Motherlode Saloon in the Red River town limits. The bar denies on Facebook that there was any shooting inside that location.

According to the event schedule, the Bull O’ the Woods Saloon sponsored a live music event by Warning Shot at 6 pm when the violence started.

What is known is that ‘rolling shootouts’ erupted between two rival biker gangs and chaos erupted. 

Police and medical staff were quickly on-scene. The gunshot victims were taken to Holy Cross Medical Center in Taos and to the University of New Mexico Hospital in Albuquerque. Although one of the wounded was airlifted to Denver. 

 At least 25 motorcycles were seen following the ambulances as they transported the wounded to the hospital.