Robertshaw Files For Bankruptcy with $833M Debt Burden

Robertshaw Files For Bankruptcy

Illinois-based appliance parts manufacturer Robertshaw plunged into Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in a Texas court, unveiling staggering debts of nearly $833 million alongside an intriguing offer from a group of lenders.

Robertshaw Files For Bankruptcy : A Bid to Reshape Fate

In a bold move, Robertshaw disclosed a “stalking horse bid” from the lender consortium, aiming to slash a substantial $670 million off its debt load. CEO John Hewitt hailed the move as a pivotal stride towards fortifying their financial foothold, vowing to channel resources towards enhancing customer experience.

From Stoves to Vehicles: A Global Impact

Renowned for supplying parts to a spectrum of appliances, spanning from stoves to HVAC systems and vehicles, Robertshaw boasts a sprawling operational network encompassing 11 manufacturing hubs across the globe. With a workforce of about 5,200 individuals spanning 14 nations, the company’s footprint underscores its global significance.

Robertshaw Files For Bankruptcy : Unveiling the Financial Tapestry

Robertshaw’s financial narrative unveils a tapestry knitted with complexities. Struggling under the weight of over $832.8 million in secured debt and an additional $37 million in unsecured trade debt, the company finds itself navigating turbulent waters, exacerbated by the lingering specter of COVID-19-induced disruptions.

The Bumpy Road to Restructuring

CEO Hewitt’s Chapter 11 declaration paints a picture of resilience amidst adversity. Hindered by escalating costs and dwindling revenues, attributed in part to pandemic-induced supply chain woes, Robertshaw found itself at a crossroads. A failed attempt to negotiate refinancing terms with a lender group catalyzed a domino effect, ultimately culminating in the bankruptcy filing.

A Tale of Negotiations and Litigations

Navigating the treacherous waters of financial restructuring, Robertshaw found itself entangled in negotiations and litigations. Amidst the turbulence, alliances shifted, with a consortium including stalwarts like Bain Capital and Canyon Partners stepping in with a lifeline. A $217 million stalking horse credit bid, coupled with $56 million in debtor-in-possession financing, now forms the cornerstone of Robertshaw’s path towards redemption.

Charting a Course Forward

As the dust settles, Robertshaw stands poised to embark on a journey of revitalization. Armed with strategic partnerships and a robust legal counsel, the company is primed to navigate the complexities of bankruptcy proceedings. With Guggenheim Securities LLC and AlixPartners LLP steering the financial ship, Robertshaw’s saga of resilience unfolds, poised to script a remarkable tale of resurgence.