Russia Hits Out At EU Over Latest Sanctions Move

Russia Hits Out At EU Over Latest Sanctions Move
FILE PHOTO: A European Union flag flutters outside the EU Commission headquarters, in Brussels, Belgium, February 1, 2023 REUTERS/Yves Herman/

In a fiery retort, Russia has condemned the European Union’s latest move to prepare a 13th economic sanctions package against the Kremlin, asserting that such measures are not only illegal but also pose significant harm to Europe and beyond.

Russia Hits Out At EU Over Latest Sanctions Move : Russia’s Allegations

Russia’s permanent mission to the EU launched a scathing critique late Wednesday, branding the EU’s restrictive measures as “illegitimate” and arguing they were enacted without the necessary approval from the UN Security Council, thereby rendering them unlawful. The statement accused the EU of merely paying “lip service” to its commitment to the UN Charter.

As a permanent member of the UN Security Council, Russia wields veto power over any resolution within the council’s purview, including those concerning economic sanctions.

Russia Hits Out At EU Over Latest Sanctions Move : Persistent Stand

Responding to inquiries about the EU’s initiation of yet another sanctions package since the onset of the full-scale Russian incursion into Ukraine nearly two years ago, Russia’s mission to the EU reiterated its steadfast opposition. It emphasized that Russia’s stance remains unchanged from previous rounds of sanctions imposed by Europe.

Critique of EU’s Interference

Moreover, Russia’s mission in Brussels criticized the EU for what it perceives as meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign states. The EU’s insistence on adherence to its sanctions against Russia drew sharp rebuke, with Russia decrying such interference.

Anticipated Measures

The 13th package is expected to introduce additional trade restrictions against Russia and bolster efforts to prevent circumvention of existing sanctions through intermediaries outside Europe, as indicated by Sweden’s Foreign Minister Tobias Billström on Jan. 22.

Global Ramifications

Russia’s statement contended that the repercussions of the anti-Russian sanctions extend far beyond the borders of the EU, precipitating a cascade of global crises with adverse consequences felt worldwide.

Russia Hits Out At EU Over Latest Sanctions Move : EU’s Silence

In the wake of Russia’s accusations, the European Commission, the EU’s executive arm, has remained mum, declining immediate comment on the matter.