Russian Sudden Death Syndrome is purging Moscow’s elite 


A female Russian bank executive was found dead under mysterious circumstances last week. She is reportedly another victim of the so-called “Russian Sudden Death Syndrome” which has claimed more than 50 victims since Russia invaded Ukraine.

It’s hard to get an exact number of deaths since they are taking place all over the globe at an alarming rate.

Kristina Baikova, 28, died at approximately 3 AM on the morning of June 24 in Moscow after she plunged from her 11th-floor apartment window down to the street below. Her death 

Baikova was the vice president of Loko-Bank, a universal commercial bank in Moscow.

Before taking up her role at Loko-Bank, Baikova was a Moscow Credit Bank (MCB) officer.

Russian Sudden Death Syndrome

Russian news outlets claim the glamorous banker was having drinks with a friend in the moments leading up to her devastating and mysterious death.

According to the “friend” identified only as a 34-year-old male named Andrei, the pair were chatting and drinking together on Friday evening inside Baikova’s Moscow apartment. Unexpectedly, around 3 AM the young bank executive stepped out onto the apartment balcony.