San Antonio Taking Strides to Root Out Human Trafficking


As long as much of the general public lacks awareness of human trafficking in their communities, perpetrators of these crimes will keep flying under the radar. Thankfully, more communities continue working to inform the public.

People need to understand how trafficking happens, the warning signs, and tactics of predators. Initially, traffickers seek out vulnerability in their targets; then, they look to fill a need or a void.

After the establishment of a bond, abuse and exploitation follow. To maintain this control, traffickers utilize force, along with fraud and coercion. Sadly, it’s not an exaggeration to warn that human trafficking happens everywhere, in every town, county, and state.

Thankfully, San Antonio, Texas is taking action to remedy this problem.

A closer look at San Antonio’s anti-human trafficking efforts

The San Antonio-based No Child Sold campaign is taking grassroots efforts to prevent and fight human trafficking.

This is why retired Family Protective Services official Chuck Paul is working to stop traffickers before they can build an initial bond with their targets. Thus, Paul and his team are making contact with persons who may be in need of shelter, food, or clothes.