Scalr Inc Hits UnitedLex With Copyright Suit

Scalr Inc Hits UnitedLex With Copyright Suit

California-based technology company Scalr Inc. has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against data and professional services company UnitedLex in federal court, accusing the Kansas-based company of continuing to use its infrastructure software after its contract expired on Dec. 31.

Scalr Inc Hits UnitedLex With Copyright Suit : Background of the Case

UnitedLex, which offers legal services covering litigation, intellectual property, and contract lifecycle management, previously licensed Scalr’s software for products marketed to law firms in the U.S., according to the filing in the Northern District of California. The complaint states that UnitedLex renewed its annual licensing deal with Scalr, an automation software provider for data infrastructure, from April 2019 through December 2023.

Allegations of License Violations

UnitedLex allegedly exceeded its license usage limits regularly, paid the amount due, and renewed its license annually. However, UnitedLex did not renew its license with Scalr for 2024 and failed to pay its overuse fee, the complaint says.