School Bus Drivers Going on Strike Nationwide


Due to the rise of bus driver strikes, many school districts nationwide must adjust accordingly. Some have started switching up their schedules, changing routes, or even cancelling certain classes when possible.

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A problem in the making for quite some time

To make matters worse, during the height of COVID, many bus drivers were furloughed with no realistic hope of getting their jobs back. This, in and of itself, greatly contributed to the shortages faced today.

On top of that, the school bus sector didn’t get any government money handed to them during COVID, unlike other industries across the nation.

At the end of the day, the lack of morale amongst bus drivers is a major factor in persistent strikes. Higher pay, more sick time, severance, and the provision of certain benefits may encourage more bus drivers to head back to work and attract others to work in this profession.

In the meantime, no one should hold their breath waiting for nationwide strikes to come to a close anytime soon.