School Bus Drivers Going on Strike Nationwide


Across the country, school bus drivers play a pivotal role in our society. Because of people who drive America’s buses, kids have an easy and reliable mode of transportation for getting to school.

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Parents likewise rely upon school bus drivers, as their services help parents have more time to get to work and otherwise manage additional responsibilities. Without drivers of school buses, parents and kids would quickly feel the impacts of their absence.

Unfortunately, the absence of school bus drivers is already beginning to materialize. Right now, many bus drivers have opted to go on a strike that could last for quite some time.

What to know about school bus drivers going on strike

In all 50 states, reports of a bus driver shortage have come up. However, in New York specifically, many bus drivers are striking as they call for better pay, severance included in their contracts, and more.

Despite the significant role they play in society, these folks feel taken for granted. On numerous occasions, it’s been pointed out that bus drivers work long hours and sometimes have to go without pay altogether during summer time when kids usually aren’t in school.