Schwarzenegger Calls Pruitt Resignation “Fantastic”


According to him, “If you want to really do a good job with the environment, Schwarzenegger. You do what one of our heroes did, Ronald Reagan [who] appointed one of the top scientists in the world studying air pollution. That’s what you really want — the brightest and the best.”

Schwarzenegger says next EPA chief must be pro-environment

Schwarzenegger also offered an advice to President Donald Trump regarding his next pick to head EPA. He said the President must appoint someone who really cares about the environment and the people.

“Someone who is going to fight for the people and who is really feeling part of the world community,” said the former California governor.

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Furthermore, the former California governor emphasized, “Because it’s global warming. “It’s not American warming or China warning or Russia warning or European warming. It’s global — and we’re concerned that worldwide pollution doesn’t have any boundaries, doesn’t have any borders.”

Moreover, Schwarzenegger said this is the “most challenging time.” However, he expressed confidence that “we can really turn the whole things around” and reduce the number of people who dying every year because of pollution. He pointed out that right now, the world needs “good leadership.”