Sen. Bernie Sanders Keeps Barking Without Providing Solutions

Sen. Bernie Sanders will preside over the March 17th income inequality hearing

Sen Bernie Sanders (I-VT), current chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, invited Jeff Bezos to appear at an upcoming hearing. The Senator invited The CEO of Amazon to speak during an Income Inequality Hearing, slotted for March 17.

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Sanders and other lawmakers have criticized Bezos for his his labor practices. For example, during the coronavirus pandemic, Bezos ended hazard pay for frontline workers. This is despite Amazon benefiting from the e-commerce boom as a result of the pandemic.

The Vermont Senator has been a consistent Amazon critic. Bernie Sanders has long brought to light the pay disparity between top execs and warehouse workers and delivery crews. Bezos went to a $15 per hour minimum wage after harsh criticism in 2018.

“I have invited Jeff Bezos to testify in the Budget Committee next week to explain to the American people why he thinks it’s appropriate for him to spend a whole lot of money denying economic dignity to workers at Amazon, while he has become $78 billion richer during the pandemic,” Sen. Bernie Sanders tweeted.