SolarJuice Raises Range For $45M US IPO

SolarJuice Raises Range For $45M

In an audacious move akin to a sunburst illuminating the solar sector, Australian titan SolarJuice Co. Ltd. — a burgeoning offshoot of SPI Energy Co. Ltd. — dramatically upped its stakes in the financial arena. On Tuesday, the company declared a bold increase in its initial public offering (IPO), now aiming for a dazzling $45 million, guided by legal eagles Loeb & Loeb LLP and underwriters counsel Pryor Cashman LLP.

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SolarJuice Raises Range For $45M US IPO : SolarJuice’s IPO Journey

Hailing from Sydney, SolarJuice unveiled to regulators its grand blueprint: the offering of 9 million shares, each priced between $4 and $6, with the goal of harvesting $45 million at the midpoint. This ambitious leap from its initial plan of offering 3 million shares at $5 to $6 each — which would have netted a modest $16.5 million — is reflective of the company’s burgeoning confidence and market potential. SolarJuice first unfurled its IPO plans back in September 2022.

Illuminating the Market : SolarJuice’s Product Portfolio

SolarJuice, a beacon in the solar energy domain, provides an array of solar solutions to residential and small commercial and industrial clienteles in the U.S. and Australia. With a radiant revenue report of $94.8 million for the six months ending June 30, its portfolio shines with solar panels, modules, inverters, and batteries and storage devices.