South Carolina, Texas See New Mass Shootings


Mass shootings in the United States continue to be a hot topic and there’s no sign of this changing anytime soon. Many Americans of different political persuasions have various thoughts about what’s necessary to prevent these tragedies.

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Some folks insist that it all boils down to firearms and the need to enact more gun control. Others believe a focus on mental health and other societal problems has to begin in order to end mass shootings.

Folks with this mindset have also pointed to previous times in history that saw ample access to guns, without mass shootings occurring as frequently as they do today.

This time, however, both South Carolina and Texas are now the sites of some of the latest mass shootings.

What to know about the latest mass shooting in South Carolina

Earlier this morning, the perpetrator went to Meadowlake Park in Columbia and opted to open fire. Those hit by bullets or injured amid the panic from the shooting include 11 people, including teens, who are now receiving the necessary medical care.